How To Open Bank Account in PNB Online


Punjab National Bank savings account: Want to open a savings account in PNB online? Do you how much interest rate PNB savings bank account is giving on deposits? In this article I will be sharing various information like pnb account balance inquiry, pnb account opening form online, pnb minimum balance saving account, how to fill pnb account opening form, pnb account opening form for student etc at one place.

Punjab National Bank is a well known bank in India. They offer various kind of banking products like attractive fixed deposit schemes, savings bank accounts, current accounts etc.

Types of Savings Account with PNB or Punjab National bank

If you are planning to open a savings bank account with PNB, then you should know that how many types of savings bank account you can choose from like others banks are offering.

PNB offers single type of typical savings account with various attractive features. You can find out the features or key highlights of PNB savings bank account here itself.

Key features of PNB savings account

  • 0.15% AER / 0.15% gross for all accounts.
  • Half yearly interest payable (applicable only if minimum interest during a month is £1 or more).
  • No minimum balance required. That means you can easily open a zero balance savings account with PNB
  • No restrictions on deposits and withdrawals.
  • Free money transfer to accounts with PNB in India
  • Recommended for purpose of money transfer or as a linked operative account for opening fixed deposit accounts.
  • NET banking facility so that you can easily check your account balance online from anywhere.
  • Debit Card or cheque book facilities not available. This seems to be a negative point of this account in t he era of cashless economy.

Documents need to provide to open a bank account in PNB

You can either viist to nearest PNB branch and open a savings bank account or you can send the application form filled up with the copy of necessary documents via post also. Here are the mandatory documents one need to provide while opening bank account in PNB.

  • Proof of identification :You can share a valid passport or Aadhaar card.
  • Proof of address: Recent (not older than 3 months) original bank statement or utility invoice (telephone, gas, electricity, water, council rates) with full name and address. Bank doesn’t accept internet printouts, Aadhaar card, credit card statements and mobile phone bills.
  • Separate documents as noted above required for each applicant
In case you send the documents by post to open your account in PNB

You have to send Certified Proof of Identification, Proof of address, A cheque of nominal amount signed by you from your existing UK bank account etc as per PNB website.

Steps To open A Savings account in Punjab National Bank or PNB

First of all you have to visit PNB official website and visit the savings bank account opening page. There you can download the account opening form and fill the same carefully.

Next you can either visit to nearest PNB branch and submit the form with the mandatory documents. Otherwise, you can send the application documents by post also. In that case you might have to furnish more documents like a cancelled cheque leaf.

Anyway, after proper verification of the application, your PNB savings bank KIT will be handed over to you or mailed your via courier service. The verification process may take 2-3 days time to complete.

A welcome letter will be mailed to your mailing address providing all the necessary information to operate the account along with a copy of our schedule of terms and conditions.

Punjab national bank saving account rate of interest

PNB offer savings account with an interest rate of 4% like others. If you want to open a fixed deposit account with PNB then you can expect a highest interest rate of 7%.

So, do you have a bank account with PNB? In that case how do you check your bank account balance online? If you are looking to open a bank account in PNB, then you can refer to the official PNB site to find more updated information. Also don’t forget to share your experience with PNB if any by writing a simple comment below.