iCancer Plan – Aegon Life Cancer Insurance Plan Review, Exclusions

By | February 6, 2018

iCancer Plan is the Aegon Life Cancer Insurance Plan, similar to HDFC Cancer care and BSLI Cancer Shield only. The sum assured value here is maximum Rs 20 lakh per policy. You might be looking for a family floater kind of cancer insurance, but Aegon life iCancer is only for single person coverage policy only.

As per Aegon Life iCancer Insurance Plan, it covers all forms of cancer, excluding only skin cancer. When I have shared a list of exclusions for HDFC Life cancer care plan, I feel you should verify the same for every cancer insurance plan in India.

Anyway, I will share every single details about iCancer policy like benefits, how to buy online, icancer brochure & complete review of Aegon life icancer insurance plan. Before that, if you are not aware about cancer insurance, then first read the article on what is a cancer insurance policy.

Key features of Aegon life cancer insurance plan – iCancer Plan

When I was reading the details about iCancer plan on Aegon life website, I found they are stressing on the financial burden of treating cancer treatment. If you are single earner in your family, in that case your family’s future will go in dark as you may have to break all your savings for the treatment, which can’t be avoided.

Anyway, let’s explore the key highlights of iCancer policy.

  • All stages of the cancer are covered considering early stage, major stage or critical stage.
  • There are lump-sum benefits offered as per various stages of cancer
  • Multiple unrelated cancers can be claimed
  • Increasing accumulated payout as impairment grows to more severe stages
  • No need to visit anywhere to buy a cancer insurance, use the Aegon life online portal to buy iCancer plan online.
  • There is a premium waiver benefit in case you have been diagnosed with major cancer.
  • Enjoy income Tax Benefit under section 80D
  • At critical stage the benefit will be 150% of the sum assured value.

If cancer Diagnosed at minor stage

Total benefit paid =  30 lakhs (150% of Sum Assured) = 5 lakhs at Minor Stage + 15 lakhs at Major Stage + 10 lakhs at Critical Stage

If cancer Diagnosed at major stage

Total benefit paid = 30 lakhs (150% of Sum Assured) = 20 lakhs at Major Stage +  10 lakhs at Critical Stage

Eligibility Criteria of Aegon Life iCancer Care Policy

Entry AgeMinimum: 18 years completed; Maximum: 65 years completed
Maturity Age70 years completed
Policy TermMinimum: 5 years; Maximum: 70 years minus entry age
Premium Payment Term(PPT)Equal to the Policy Term
Premium Payment FrequencyAnnual or Monthly
Sum AssuredMinimum: 10,00,000 Maximum:  50,00,000

iCancer Plan Policy Exclusions

Although they are saying that there is only one exclusion and that is only skin cancer, but I think one should know that there are some common exclusions for every cancer care insurance plans.

  • Any pre-existing disease will not be covered. And in case the cancer happen due that pre-existing disease then also your policy will not cover the expense or cancer treatment.
  • For any medical condition or any medical procedure arising from nuclear contamination; the radioactive, … explosive or hazardous nature of nuclear fuel materials

There are  a list of such exclusions mentioned in product brochure or Aegon life policy page, which you should read first before buying the policy.

How To Buy Aegon Life iCancer insurance plan Online

  • First of all you have to visit the Aegon Life website and go to iCancer plan page.
  • You need to fill up all the personal details and then proceed further. You can request an insurance quote and find out the necessary premium using their premium calculator.
  • Finally pay the amount and get the insurance policy done.

For more details, better to refer the policy brochure first and read every single terms carefully before purchase. In case of any doubt, you can contact Aegon life Toll Free number 1800 209 9090. Thanks for reading & sharing this information.

Disclaimer: We are not affiliated with Aegon Life cancer insurance plan. This article is shared for informational purpose only. If you want to buy this product, please contact Aegon Life after understanding every single details. In case of any correction on the data or information provided here, you can contact us or write a comment below. We will fix the information asap.

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