Bharat Bhraman Plan – A Domestic Travel Insurance Plan From Bajaj Allianz

By | May 8, 2017

Recently Bajaj Allianz has launched a new domestic travel insurance plan, named Bharat Bhraman plan. Travel insurance policies are getting huge popularity these days and people are also understanding the importance of travel insurance while travelling.

You might have noticed that IRCTC has made the train travel insurance mandatory and the charges are only Rs 1 per trip. So, the cost of travel insurance is very less, but the importance of having a travel insurance is huge. Anyway, in this article I will be sharing the key features of Bharat Bhraman plan.

Key Highlights & Eligibility of Bharat Bhraman plan

As this is a travel insurance, the term of insurance will depend up on your travel duration. But in this policy you can get the shortest duration travel insurance coverage also. Yes, under Bharat Bhraman plan you can get a travel insurance for riding a cab also. Here are the key features of this policy.

  • Anyone can buy this policy. This policy is valid for any kind of travel within India. You can buy this travel insurance for a few hours trip and also for 365 days also.
  • The policy offers mandatory personal accident (PA) cover for all public as well as private modes of transport such as bus, train, flight, taxi, cab service by e-commerce aggregators, personal car, two-wheeler or even bicycle.
  • The premium for a per trip plan will cost less than Rs 5 while for a 1-2 day travel the premium will be in the range of Rs 20-Rs 50 depending on the add-on covers opted by customers.
  • You can choose the life insurance from the range of amount from Rs 50,000 to Rs 10 lakh.
  • Minimum premium for an annual plan with mandatory PA cover of Rs 50,000 and all add-ons including will be around Rs 2,078.

This policy also cover the permanent total disability cases like Loss of vision in one or both eyes, Loss of ability to use both hands/feet or amputation of both hands/feet, Loss of ability to use one hand/feet or amputation of one hand/feet.

In case of death or permanent total disability, if the persona has dependant kids who are below 21 years and continue their education, will get extra 2% of sum assured value as Child Education Bonus.

You can refer to Bajaj Allianz official website and read more details about this policy. Make sure you read complete terms & conditions of Bharat Bhraman Plan as these kind of policies has various inclusions and exclusions which a buyer should know before purchase. You can download the brochure of Bharat Bhraman Plan by following the link here.

Optional Covers Under Bharat Bhraman Plan

Apart from the base cover, this domestic travel policy offers around 17 more optional / additional covers that can be purchased to offer

  • Accidental Hospitalization Expenses.
  • Hospital Daily Allowance.
  • Emergency Medical Evacuation.
  • Personal Liability
  • Trip Cancellation.
  • Emergency Hotel Extension.
  • Missed Connection.
  • Home Burglary Insurance.
  • Bounced Hotel.
  • Compassionate Visit by a Family Member.
  • Delay of Checked Baggage.
  • Loss of Checked Baggage.
  • Trip Curtailment.
  • Trip Delay by Scheduled Aircraft.
  • Repatriation of Remains.
  • Adventure Sport Benefit.

Remember that the claim process of such travel insurance policies are very strick. You should not buy a travel insurance in a hurry without not understanding the policy benefits and what is covered. You can buy such policies on top of your term insurance plan and this policy will work like an additional accident rider benefit only.

Have you ever bought any travel insurance plan online? This has become very common now as almost every travel booking website or ticket booking sites for travel are offering this option of choosing a travel insurance while buying flight tickets, train tickets or travel plan online.

You can also buy a travel insurance like Bharat Bhraman Plan from Bajaj Allianz after understanding the features. To buy Bharat Bhraman Plan online, you have to contact Bajaj Allianz agent or you can directly visit their nearest branch or you can also use their live chat option and get necessary help about this policy. Share your experience or any query here by writing a simple comment below.

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