Top 10 Business Ideas With Low Investment And High Profit

Are you looking for business ideas with low investment and high profit in India? Then you are at the right place as I will be sharing few of the most popular and easy to start business ideas with low investment.

Starting a business has become trend in India and every day many start ups are hitting in our country. The main problem behind starting a business is not having the enough or adequate amount of money or capital. That’s why people are looking for business options with low investment and high profit.

Not everybody can start it off big, isn’t it? If you are among those peeps who has a low capital and is looking for a business idea that would get you high profits and returns, then here is your list.

Best Business Ideas With Low Investment And High Profit

When starting your first business, you might have to keep the profitability factor aside as the biggest challenge would be to set up the business. But still if you are trying top set up your first business, it is good to choose the best profitable business ideas only. Here are the top 10 as per my views.

Start event management company India

Looking for how to start an event planning business with no money? An event company could be a nice idea for starters since it requires not a lot of investment. If you are running low on funds, you can simply take the advance payments from the clients or, you can as well function smoothly if you have some contacts in the industry.

In fact registration of event management company in India is also very these days. The profit initially is rather low, however, as the company grows, so does the profit.

Start an Online T-Shirt printing Business

The business has been in for a long time now, and though it is quite an advanced and a sorted process, T-shirt printing has now become an online rage for it is now possible to function from any part of the world and go out to them. If you want to do some research then search with any of the terms below.

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The initial costs could be anything up to 30,000 depending upon the kind of start up items and products you are dealing with. The profit initially could be something between 20 to 40 percent and grow later on.

Start a News Portal or News Website

Print media is now rather turning obsolete and online news portals and websites are taking over. With everything available to us at the finger tips, this is indeed a deadly combination of technology and information. Your profit depends totally on the engagement you get on your site through the content. Websites like Miss Malini, India-Forums, etc are now major news portals.

How to start a small restaurant in India or Start a Food joint Business in India

I found many questions in forum these days about i want to open a restaurant but have no money? While this might need you to rather have high investments compared to the latter, the profit you receive would be nothing less either.

If you select the right place and target the right kind of buyers, you will, in no time be able to grow to heights you’d never imagined. Food has always been the major source of business for it is one which never stops or haults.

Start a salon and spa business

This needs you to have skilled professionals at you avail. While you could start off with a minimum of 2 or 3 of them, later on, you could gradually expand. Providing home based salon services is also something which you could venture into for they are major success in today’s times. To research more this topic, search for below topics.

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Start advertising agency business Online or Offline

With the initial investment being merely that of the space and additional, you can very smartly work your way out with profits if you follow the right path. A good ad agency is a blessing to all the companies, and small or big, nobody would mind getting visibility in the market at fair rates and right places.

how to start a boutique from home

If you have a fetish for designing and you think you can nicely work your way out with it, this is definitely the thing for you. All you need is a place, a machine, a nice tailor and you’ll be pretty much good to go. You of course need to have an understanding of design and clothing, and you’ll be set.

People these days shop from boutiques just like they shop from regular shops and markets! This could turn out to be good business for you.

Start mobile repair business

This is a major business these days, given how much people are fascinated and at the same time obsessed with their Smartphones. Anything going wrong with them is a smaller problem while something going wrong with the phones is like the world coming down. Not to forget, accessories such as earphones, power banks and covers, etc are of equal importance and if kept at reasonable rates, they sure could be just the thing you need.

Start real estate business India

With some contacts, turning a real estate agent is a good business because you get good income with selling out flats, bunglows, etc. You could as well deal in office space etc if you have the kind of sources and contacts. Real estate in today’s time is good business.

Start reseller business

If nothing comes your way, you can simply buy your space and become a reseller of various franchise or something on similar grounds. That is good business, earns you nice profit and if you manage to attract the customers with products that aren’t quickly available to them, you’ll be super good to go!

Everything starts with a small idea, doesn’t it? With one food joint you go on to have your own chain of restaurants and cafes later on. If done right, these business would definitely fetch you great income later on!

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