Top 10 Best Multibagger Stocks for 2017 – CNBC TV 18 Special Show ‘Super17′

By | February 10, 2017

What are the best stocks to buy right now in Indian market? Multibagger stocks are the most searched term these days in stock market investment as the reason is also very obvious. The return from such stocks are simply unbelievable as per the data we have seen in past few years. In 2016, there are several companies stocks which gave return more than 50 times in the span of 5 years. In this article I will be sharing CNBC TV 18 best multibagger stocks to buy recommendations of 2017.

Multibagger stocks meaning

Generally stocks which has the potential to give an unpredictable and more than 100% return is called as Multibagger stocks. Its nothing like a category or sector. Any stock can be considered as multibagger stock, provided with an outperforming return in long run. Although this information is very basic, as one should know various factors to find out a true multibagger stock to buy in 2017.

Best multibagger stocks 2017 India – Recommended by CNBC TV 18 show

Anyway, in this article I will share top 10 stocks recommended by one the show organised by CNBC TV 18 which was called ‘Super17. Few of the top stock market experts of India SP Tulsian, Prakash Diwan, Dipan Mehta and Daljeet Singh Kohli participated in this discussion and they have shared their personal recommendation. You can follow the same show recorded version in Youtube also.

Now the interesting part is that, they have shared 17 best stocks to buy in 2017 and the list is seriously amazing. If you are beginner in stock market and want to make some quick money then multibagger stocks can be good option. You can easily find many useful multibagger stock tips free online.

But it is always advised that you should not follow anyone blindly. Follow the recommendation always, but judge them as per your knowledge, investment goals and risk taking ability only. Among this 17 stocks I have opted out for best 10 as per my understanding.

List of best multibagger stocks to buy right now in Indian stock market

  1. Zee media
  2. Dynemic Products
  3. Aurobindo Pharma
  4. NBCC
  5. Motherson Sumi
  6. Force Motors
  7. Moil
  8. Jubilant Life
  9. Shakti Pumps
  10. Century Textile

Personally I took only 10 out of these 17 best multibagger stocks 2017 to consolidate the list as best 10 multibagger stocks for next 10 years. These companies are really good and have solid reasons to perform good in coming years, at least in 2017. You can also consider this list as best Indian stocks to buy for long term investment.

If things goes well as per the prediction and analysis, then these multibagger stocks can make you some serious money in long run. Do you think these are the list of some good stocks to start investing in share market in India? You can also share your stocks here and help readers to find out the best multibagger stocks 2017 in India.

Disclaimer: These stocks are not recommended by me personally or I don’t hold any position on these recommendations. I am trying to share information about the best stocks to help readers. You should do your own homework or hire a financial planner for more information about the stocks before investing. Stock market investments are subject to market risk. Thanks for your understanding.

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