Top 10 Personal Finance Blogs In India 2017 For Beginners

Where is the list of best personal finance blogs in India 2017? I would say this might be difficult to rank blogs in India as the number of finance blogs are growing very  fast in our country.

In fact blogging has become a very good passive income way and many finance professional are started sharing their knowledge through their blogs to educate people.

The internet is crowded with too much knowledge and mostly half baked. So, one must be careful while selecting the best option to manage their personal finances.

In this article, I have decided to share few of the top finance blogs in India which has become very helpful when some is looking to learn about the basics of investment and personal finance. My intention to start this website is also the same and I have been also included in various other popular list of personal finance blogs already.

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Top 10 Personal Finance Blogs In India 2017

To begin with you can either opt for blogs written by one or two authors or you may choose financial blogs by management companies/ products. Here I have listed a mix of these choices so go ahead and decide for yourself what suits you better! Anyway, I have not included this website in this list as I am sharing here my favorite list of best finance websites in India 2017.

Jago Invester –

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It’s a blog authored by Manisha Chauhan who is trying to unwind the mysteries behind Financial Planning. He has a way to deal with things and makes you understand that who and why one might need a financial planner. He even has a book published under his name and you can download the e-Book for free by simply registering yourself under his blog. You will be entitled to a free copy of his book which costs Rs. 999 in the market.

Safal Niveshak –

For beginners this is an explore and learn platform. Vishal Khandelwal has come up with interviews conducted with other investors, e-books related to investing, online courses all in combination with conventional blogging about success stories of investing round the globe.

Basu Nivesh –

We all know ignorance can be bliss but be careful as when it comes to finances it can be the root cause and your downfall. Basavraj Tonagatti is here with an approach of awareness and education among the individuals about how to deal with their financial life.

Apna Plan –

“Mutual funds are subjected to market risk”! We all go through those hefty terms and conditions applied in case of Insurances, Stock Market, Mutual Funds, Loans and Taxes etc. This blog serves as a rescue from a MBA guy Amit with NCFM certification from NSE. He himself is working in a multinational credit card company so who can assist better than Amit, on how and where to invest our hard earned money.

Money Excel –

Excellence is the key for any investment, financial planning, products or stocks and insurances. As the name goes Mani Excel is the brainchild of Raviraj with a perception of much needed awareness among Indians consumers residing in urban estates about personal financing, planning and products.

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Tax Guru –

When it’s about personal finances we all need a “Tax guide” to know our taxes and here it is. CA by profession Sandeep Kanoi has acquired a thorough knowledge of the subject. He guides you all about income tax, sales tax, excise etc. So any legal advice needed now you know where to heed.

BeMoney aware –

It is not only about the financial management but also stuff like EPF, PF, filing income tax return and much more. This is exactly when Kirti, who runs the blog BeMoney Aware comes into play. Her blog contains articles covering a wide range of topics investing, taxations, loans as well as on topics like EPF, PF and income tax because to be honest, these are the most widely used terms when it comes to managing the finances. You will be amazed to read about their blog as it says that they wouldn’t let anyone enter the complicated finances without actually telling and teaching them what and how it is done just like we need to learn to drive before actually climbing onto the driver’s seat.

Onemint –

The author Manshu Verma has a MBA in Finance and his blog is all about his passion with finance, technology and how it affects the economy of your lifestyle. Onemint does have a refreshing touch to help you seek better judgment about money.

My Investment Ideas –

This blog is about nurturing new ideas, sharing information and intercepting the execution of personal financing. A man who has now more than 15 years of fruitful experience in financial planning and investments Suresh KP from Hyderabad authors some of the greatest experiences.

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Get Money Rich –

Well, who doesn’t! Manish Chaudhary here presents all the info about personal financing, real estate, stock markets, mutual funds etc. Get money rich is a blog about sharing the information and Manish seems to have a good hand in it.

How To Decide The List of Top Indian Personal Finance Blogs 2017

Well, the list of personal finance blogs in India is not going to finish here. This list is in-fact very big and I can include easily few more in my favorite top 10 personal finance blogs in India 2017. But as per my personal choice, I have listed out them. I have also shared rest of the blogs which are equally popular and useful to learn the basics of personal finance as a beginner.

How To Be A Part of This list of Personal Finance Blogs India 2017?

Well, I am aware that I have also excluded couple of popular and very effective blogs like Freefincal, Subramoney, Relakhs which are also my favorite. But As I have said I have only considered the 10 from the huge list of finance blogs in India. But I am planning to make a huge list of all the top finance blogs and share here in coming days. You can comment here and mention about your blog if you think your blog should also be a part of this Best Personal Finance Blogs in India 2017. Thanks in advance. 🙂

Top 10 Personal Finance Blogs In India 2017 For Beginners
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