How To Calculate Salary Of Homemaker / Housewife

By | February 13, 2018

Recently in one of the article I read about housewife salary calculator or questions like:- how much is a homemaker worth, homemaker should be paid etc. Do we really think about this topic? Don’t you feel that this is one of the toughest job in our society which is hardly getting any attention?

After Manushi Chhillar became the 7th Miss World, this topic has come into light. This is because she was asked similar questions (what is the highest paying job in world) in her contest and she gave the perfect answer to that question.

Here is the answer she gave…

“I think a mother deserves the highest respect and when you talk about salary it’s not always about cash but I feel it’s the love and respect that you give to someone. My mother has always been the biggest inspiration in my life. All mothers sacrifice so much for their kids. So, I think it is the job of a mother that deserves the highest salary,” Manushi replied amid cheers.

So I think it’s a valid topic to discuss about, how much would a housewife get paid or the value of a stay-at-home spouse. In this article I will try to list out the activities, a homemaker do typically to make our home perfect without any complaint. 🙂

I believe we all feel the same that, our home is the best place where actually we found the maximum comfort to stay relax, feel secure and be loved. And that’s what a homemaker is doing everyday to create that comfort zone for the entire family.

Mostly this applied to a women only in our society, but I think nowadays we can see many men are also doing the same thing. Hope you have watched or at least heard the Bollywood movie “Ki & Ka“. 🙂 Personally, I liked the movie & the concept very much.

Things A Homemaker Takes care to make a flat/house our sweet home

Have you ever list out the activities or tasks that needs to be performed in daily life to make your everyday life ready or smooth. Most of us get ready to go out for work and for that preparation what are the things that need to be taken care, so that the person outside can do his/her work without any trouble from home.

Let’s list out such everyday life tasks. I am considering a typical house environment in our country where a husband, wife, kids and parents stay together. This will also apply to those families as well who are staying alone with kids or without kids. I just want to take the example where we can list maximum staffs.

  • The day starts with the cleaning of house.
  • Prepare every day breakfast for all.
  • Get the kids ready for school, prepare their breakfast.
  • Prepare their lunch and pack them.
  • Drop them to school in many cases by self-driving
  • While cooking keep a track of individuals taste & preferences
  • In case of small kids, take care of the kid entire day.
  • Make sure everything is perfect at home considering dusting, shopping groceries, vegetables etc.
  • Cleaning the clothes, utensils etc [I know we can hire a maid, but it’s an activity]
  • Most of the homemakers are very good in budgeting as they are sole owner of that money management
  • Tutor their kids and preparing for next day school helping them finishing their homework

I am sure this list can be increased with lot many activities. So far these are in my mind and in the next part I will try to find their monetary value which will help us to calculate salary of homemaker.

Let’s Calculate Salary Of Homemaker / Housewife

So, now let’s say we want to hire someone for every task and in that case how much you have to spend in everyday life that I will consider. I am consider the cost as per my surrounding and cost of living, it can be high or low as per your surrounding though.

  • Hiring a maid for dusting, laundering, cleaning,  activity @ Rs 2,500
  • If you hire a cook for breakfast + lunch + dinner @ Rs 6,000
  • Daycare of kids @ Rs 8,000 [I’m considering the full day daycare changes of a good kindergarten in Hyderabad]
  • Tutoring of Kids @ Rs 2500 [Considering the small kids]
  • Keeping a driver for full time @ Rs 8,000 – 10,000 [if you keep him for full 8 hours]
  • Scholl drop & pick up cost @ Rs 3,000
  • Taking care of elderly parents @ Rs 6,000 [It can be even more in case very old parents]
  • Budgeting and keeping records of every monthly bill payment, shopping etc @ Rs 5,000

If I add these figures it will come around Rs 43,000. I know these values are not accurate and can be either high or low as per different cities cost of living. And the cost of these services are also just for example purpose only.

But the ultimate target of this topic is that our home makers or housewives are really working hard every day and they are performing many paid roles single handedly. Then why they can’t be paid? Do share your feedback or views by writing a simple comment below.

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