How To Change Mobile Number In Aadhaar Card Online Without OTP

By | May 19, 2017

Changing mobile number due to changing cities or losing mobile phone is a very common thing. But here the question is, in any case can I change or update my mobile number linked with Aadhaar card with the new mobile number online using the UIDAI website & OTP process?

The answer of this question is obviously NO, as you don’t have your registered mobile number. So how can you receive the OTP in mobile? Then how one can change or update a new mobile number linked with Aadhaar card? In this article I will share the step by step guide to solve this issue very easily.

Steps To Correct / Update Mobile Number in Aadhaar Card

There are 2 ways you can update your mobile number. One is by visiting your nearest Aadhaar center / permanent enrollment center or by sending the form to UIDAI address. Let’s explore the options one by one.

Download the form & Send via Post to UIDAI

First of all you have to download the Aadhaar Update/Correction Form online and then send to one of the addresses mentioned below.

Address 1: UIDAI, Postbox No.10 Chhindwara, Madhya Pradesh – 480001, India

Address 2 : UIDAI, Post Box No . 99, Banjara Hills, Hyderabad -500034, India

By Visiting Permanent Enrolment Centre

For both Demographic and Biometrics update you are required to visit the nearest Permanent Enrolment Centre. You can use the above link to download  the application form first and then take a printout to fill that. Although you can collect the form from the center also.

Don’t forget to carry the original documents of proofs to submit for the data correction. Some centers may ask you to pay some fee to do this work, which is not expected as there is no such charges mentioned in the official UIDAI website.

Check Your Aadhaar Linked Mobile Number Update Status Online

After submitting all the documents and the Aadhaar form by visiting your nearest permanent enrollment center or by sending via post, it may take 1 week to 2 weeks time to update the changes in Aadhaar database. You can use the official UIDAI website link here to track your Aadhaar update status online.  You have to provide your Aadhaar number and URN details to get the latest status update.

You have to make sure that your Aadhaar details or informations are upto date and accurate as Aadhaar is going to be your unique identification number which will be used in almost everything in coming days. Recently tax department has made it mandatory to link Aadhaar with PAN number.

Did you correct or update your aadhaar with new mobile number? Are your facing any more issues? Write here your problem or any experience related to this issue to help our readers. Thank you for sharing this article with your friends in social media.

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