How To Download & Fill Up Exchange Currency Form Of Rs 500 And 1000

By | November 10, 2016

When everyone is talking about that you can exchange the banned Rs 500 & banned Rs 100 notes from bank & post office as soon as they start operating, here the question is what is the process to get exchange currency? Is there any special form need to fill up?

download exchange currency form onine

The answer is Yes. A new form has been issued and this will be available in banks & post offices. Now every person need to fill up that form and then request for money exchange. In this article I will share the download link of exchange currency form and answer various queries like

  • How to download exchange currency form online
  • How to fill up the money exchange form to get new notes of Rs 2000

Download Exchange Currency FormClick Here. [Make sure your verify at the bank branch]

Note: Just remember that a cash deposit of more than Rs 2.5 lakh will be scrutinize later on and if found there was a miss match in income & deposit then the penalty of 200% can be levied with the due tax payment. All honest tax payers need not worry on this news though. ūüôā

How To Fill up the Request Slip for exchange of Old High Denomination Bank Notes in denominations of  500/- and 1000/- form

Just follow the step by step guide to fill the form carefully with accurate details.

  • First of all provide the name of the bank branch.
  • Write down your name in block letters in Name of Tender field.
  • You have to carry the original copy of any of the identity proof like¬†Aadhaar Card, Driving License, Voter ID Card, PassPort, NREGA Card, PAN Card,¬†Identity Card Issued by Government Department,¬†Public Sector Unit to its Staff etc. Remember you have to carry the original, not a xerox copy & accordingly tick on the form.
  • Mention the identification number as per the proof you are submitting.
  • Share the¬†Details of Old High Denomination Bank¬†Notes submitted for exchange. Write down how many number of Rs 500 notes & how many number of Rs 1000 note you are going to submit and what is their value.
  • At last provide your signature, place and date.

Hopefully this will help you to fill the form and get your money exchanged from any nearest bank or post office. As banks will start exchanging money from today, I am sure there will be huge queues & chaos. I think one should not worry and understand that this process will take some time to settle down.

So, just be patient and do it one by one without creating any disturbances. Personally I am planning to go to bank on Saturday or Sunday only as Banks & post offices will operate on Saturday & Sunday also to handle this situation. many thanks for reading this post and sharing this with your friends.

Disclaimer: This form is taken from online source only to share the information and help to fill up guide. I am not sure whether one can take a print out of this form and submit in bank. Better to clarify from bank or post office first and then only download the exchange money form from here.

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