If you lost your SBI ATM Cum Debit Card recently and not able to understand how can I get a new SBI ATM Cum Debit Card online then this article will help you to solve your problem.

If you have a savings account in SBI, then you must have a SBI ATM Cum Debit Card as with that card you can enjoy plenty of benefits while shopping online or offline.

But what will happen in case you lost your SBI net banking debit card? Well, you don’t have to worry about anything as you can actually apply for a new SBI card using your SBI net banking ID & password itself.

Steps To Apply New SBI ATM Cum Debit Card Online

So, the very first thing you need is an active SBI Net Banking account. In case you are not using your SBI net banking account from long time then make sure to check your password and also the link mobile number.

As you need to use the Mobile OTP to get a new SBI debit card, make sure to update your latest mobile number with your SBI net banking account. This is a very simple process that you can do it online or offline as well.

Anyway, let’s get back to our main topic and apply a new New SBI ATM Cum Debit Card Online using SBI net banking.

Step 1: First of all visit official SBI website www.onlinesbi.com. Make sure to type that on Google in case you have any doubt. These days many fraud websites are roaming, so be careful.

Step 2: Log in to SBI net banking portal by providing the username and password details. For more security, you can use the virtual keyboard.

Step 3: Select ‘e-Services and click on ‘ATM card services’ option. Then a new page will appear where you need to click on ‘Request ATM/debit card’ option.

Step 4: Now here you need to choose between 2 options: OTP or Profile password.

Step 5: In case you choose OTP process, you will get a OTP password in your SBI Net Banking registered mobile number. Enter that one time password. Click on ‘Submit’ option.

Step 6: After that you will find all your Savings account linked with this SBI Net banking Username at one page. From that you need to select the account for which you want to apply a New ATM Cum Debit card.

Step 7: Enter the name that you want to be printed on the card. Select the type of card. Accept the terms and condition. Click on the ‘submit’ option.

Step 8: Provide all the details carefully as these details will be printed on your debit card. After that you need to submit the form and your application will be submitted. If you want, keep a screenshot or that page for future reference.

Key Things To Remember

After successfully applying for a New SBI ATM Cum Debit Card Online, it will take 7-8 days of time to get the new card. Make sure you have updated the correct address on your SBI account. If not, then you have to do that first and then you need to apply. Otherwise, your card will be issued and send to old address. And if they don’t find you, they will return the New SBI ATM Cum Debit Card back to SBI branch office.