Want to change your name in SBI Bank Account online? Then let me tell you that the SBI Net Banking facility doesn’t offer such features. There are multiple reasons like Change of Name after Marriage, Change of Name due to Change of Religion or due to any other reason.

With SBI Net Banking you can do a lot of things like change SBI registered mobile number, change SBI account Address, Add beneficiary and many more. But to change your name in your SBI account you have to follow the below step by step guide by visiting your nearest SBI Bank branch.

Documents required to change the name in SBI Bank Account

As soon as you change your SBI account name, it will also update your SBI account passbook and all necessary places. So make sure to prepare well and collect all the mandatory documents before visiting to your nearest SBI bank branch.

You have to furnish the document related to your name change. If it is due to marriage then marriage certificate or the any other document where legally your name changed has been recorded. In rare cases, you may also be asked for Change of Name Newspaper Publication.

Also provide the bank passbook, you national identifications like Aadhaar, PAN Card, Passport with the updated name details. Remember, if you have not change your names in those cards then you will find it difficult to change your name in the SBI savings account.

So better to change your name in PAN card or change your name in Aadhaar or Passport first. Then this SBI name change (either first name or last name) will not be a big deal.

Step By Step Guide To Change Name in SBI Account

As I have mentioned, this process involves the SBI home branch, so you can’t do it online. Make sure to visit your nearest SBI home branch where you have opened your SBI account.

Step 1: Write an Application to the Branch Manager for Name Change in SBI Bank Account. Provide all the necessary documents and information they need on that form. Make sure to carry all the originals as well the photocopy of those documents.

Step 2: Fill up the SBI Change/Modification Request Form and fill it up. You can also download this form by visiting the SBI Online website and carry the same with you while visiting the bank.

Step 3: After that, attach all documents and submit the application to the bank executive. Make sure to ask that person to validate the documents so that you can make sure you have submitted all the documents.

That’s it. This process of name change in the SBI bank account may take some time. Just ask that person how much time it will take. As soon as your name change will be done, you have to do a lot of things like link your Bank Account with PAN Card, Aadhaar card with a new name, etc.