How To Check Balance, Passbook in SBI YONO App

If you have just installed SBI YONO App and not sure how to check SBI balance in YONO App then this article will help you. SBI YONO App will make your SBI Net banking activities very easy and you don’t need to visit any SBI branch to check your savings account balance.

Nowadays SBI has made the maximum number of users in our country. Maximum citizens of India have an Active Account in SBI Bank. SBI offers too many great features for their customers through Indian Government which is easily trustable for anyone. 

But the main problem is that they all have smartphones to use but they did not know how to access it properly. That is the reason they are trapped in some dangerous Bank frauds through scammers. 

Either you want to check your Personal Bank Account Balance, you can use the YONO app for Mobile Banking. A great app provided by SBI. 

How To Know SBI Savings Account Balance in YONO App? 

After the new update of the SBI YONO app, the app has become a very user friendly and easy way to know all your SBI Account details as fast as possible.

You can easily know your Account Balance through this app. Following are the simple steps to know your Account Balance details : 

Step 1. If you have not yet installed SBI YONO App, then first download the app from Google Plays tore and then install first. Open YONO app and Click on “View Balance”. 

Step 2. You have to choose any of this – MPIN or User ID and Password. You can also use Face ID or Biometric authentication. 

Step 3. Your Account Balance will be shown which is linked with the YONO app. Now you can check your detailed transactions as well as m-passbook for further details.

Other Ways To Check SBI Account Balance Online?

If it is not Possible to get your Balance detail then you can take help from your nearest branch of your Bank. The Executive will help you to recognize your Balance. You can also call Customer Care number, 1800112211 and 18004253800. 

Or the simplest and easiest method is that you can Simply send a Message to SBI Bank.

Type “BAL” and send it to SBI number which is 09223766666 through your registered Bank number. Then you will frequently get an SMS from SBI Bank where your Account Balance has been shown.

Keep These Things In Your Mind

Using SBI YONO App is really easy and it makes life very much convenient. But you have to very careful while using SBI YONO app and never open the app from a message or email link. This may be a fraud or psyching trap. So, always make sure to open the YONO APP directly from your smartphone. And also make sure to lock your smart phone with a solid password as these days even your kids can access your apps as they may be using that smartphone for playing games. So, keep your SBI YONO App secure after checking account balance and passbook.