SBI account holders can now instantly get their account information as well as enjoy several other banking services with mobile services from their own comfort. In this detailed guide, I will help you to understand How To Check SBI Balance Via Missed Call Or SMS.

This is known as SBI Quick or Missed Call Banking, it is a free service from State Bank of India which involves Banking by giving a Missed Call or sending an SMS. These features also may include mini statements,
mobile banking, missed call services, SMS banking, etc.

SBI Missed Call Banking and SMS banking services are the main feature of SBI Quick provided by SBI to their customers. Wherein you can check your account balance or get a mini statement just by giving a Missed Call or sending an SMS.

How to Register and Use SBI Quick for SBI Quick

There are sets of pre-defined keywords and pre-defined mobile numbers you have to use to receive your desired results.


  • Customers need to get their mobile number registered to benefit from this facility.
  • The account holders also have to registrar for the SBI SMS Banking services.

Steps to register your mobile number for SMS banking:

  • Send SMS, “REG Account Number” to 09223488888 i.e REG<space>Your Account Number

After a while account holder will receive a confirmation message indicating
successful/unsuccessful registration.

If unsuccessful:

  • Check the SMS format, mobile number, and all other details.
  • This method is only applicable to the registered mobile number for that particular SBI account.

After you have successfully registered your mobile number to SBI Quick, you can now finally start using your account services.

Balance Enquiry

For SBI balance inquiry or get the last balance on the account. You can give a missed call or an SMS “BAL” at 09223766666.

Mini Statement

Check SBI mini statement for your account to get the last 5 transactions on your account You can give a Missed Call or send an SMS ‘MSTMT’ at 09223866666.

SBI E-statement

An account holder can also get an E-statement for their account for the last 6 months of their Savings Bank account on their registered email. The email is sent in a PDF format which is password encrypted.

Send an SMS ‘ESTMT <space> <Account Number> <space> <4 digit code for the password> to 09223588888

There are also many other features available as Cheque Book Request, Education Loan Interest Certificate, Home Loan Interest Certificate, etc.