How To Find Customer ID in HDFC Bank

Don’t know how to find your HDFC customer ID number? This is a very important number as with this only you can access your HDFC net banking account and link all your HDFC accounts with single user ID.

HDFC Bank is also a much popular Bank in India. It is also a financial service company which provides many facilities and offers to its customers. It is India’s leading Private Sector Bank which allows all the facilities like other Banks. Such as Net Banking, Credit cards, Security, Mobile Banking, etc. 

Ways to get your HDFC Bank Customer ID

Sometimes, you have a problem like you are not getting your Customer ID. So Following are some major ways to get your HDFC Bank Customer ID 

1. Check your passbook:

If you have HDFC account passbook then it is going to be a very task for you. Generally, people mostly use HDFC net banking services and that’s why they don’t have passbook.

You should first find your customer ID in your HDFC passbook, as the passbook is given to all the customers who have opened their bank account and it is most likely that you have it with you. And it contains all information about your account and your 

2. Get Your Account Statement:

You can easily get your HDFC bank account statement, as banks tend to provide various methods to get this information like missed call banking or net banking, you can even ask for it at the bank itself. Thereafter, you can check your account statement to find your HDFC Bank customer ID, you should find it imprinted at the top of the document. 

3. Call Customer Care Number:

You can also call the HDFC customer care services for any support, but only from your registered mobile number (to the bank). HDFC has a list of customer care numbers as per different cities. You can find this detailed list on their official website. Make sure to call your city specific number from your registered mobile number.

4. Check Your Cheque book:

Banks tend to usually give out cheque books a few days after you have opened your bank account. If you don’t have it yet, You can apply for your HDFC Bank cheque book through NetBanking, PhoneBanking or by filing an application at your branch. Once you have placed your request, you will get your cheque book delivered to your doorstep.

But if you already have it, you should be able to find your HDFC customer ID on the first page of your HDFC cheque book easily. 

5. Visiting the bank:

If any of the options did not work for you, the last viable option left is to visit the nearest HDFC bank branch yourself. You will have to take your identification and other documents to the bank and go through the procedure for getting your customer ID.

Things To Remember

Your HDFC Customer ID is a very sensitive information as this will be linked with all your HDFC accounts online. So make sure to keep this number safe and always remember the same. This is the best technique, as sometime you may note down it somewhere with password and someone may find these information. So keep your HDFC Customer ID and password secure.