Want to know how to get a duplicate certificate for your lost post office term deposit, NSC certificate, KVP certificate, etc? A duplicate certificate is a must to have in case of any post office small savings scheme as in most cases there is no other way to identify your investments.

Recently I have shared how to get a duplicate copy of bank FD certificate, in case lost/stolen/destroyed. And a similar process is also applied here. Although the application form in the case of the post office is a little different.

In this article, I will help you to get a duplicate copy of your post office savings scheme and also tell you few tips to make sure you can easily stay away from such issues in the future.

The procedure of getting Duplicate National Saving Certificate (NSC), Kisan Vikas Patra (KVP) & Post office FD scheme

I have seen in many forums and online communities people are asking for “I have lost my NSC certificate how to claim money?”. Here is the simple step by step process you have to follow without any kind of panic.

Step #1: If you are in the same city where you have opened the post office small deposit scheme, then you are in a far better position. Otherwise, the process will be little complex. Anyway, first of all you have to visit your nearest post office and share your problem with any of the post office staff.

Step #2: Post office will ask you to fill-up the form NC29 form which is designed specially to handle such issues and provide a duplicate certificate of your investment scheme, in case lost cases.

Click Here to download the entire form from the Department of post website.

Application for the issue of Duplicate Savings Certificate in lieu of the loss, theft, destruction, mutilation or
defacement of the Savings Certificates in the custody of the Holder (vide Rule 566 of the Postal SB Manual Vol II).

Step #3: Provide various particulars like a photocopy of your original certificate, your identity proof, address proof and other details mentioned in the form and submit the same. If you don’t have xerox copy then provide some bank statement or any kind of passbook copy etc.

Step #4: Your request will be then verified by the postmaster and after successful verification, you will be issued the duplicate certificate of a savings certificate. When the identity of the depositor has been established by the Post Office, the duplicate will be issued after the issuance of the indemnity bond or bank declaration that verifies the account holder from the bank’s perspective.

As I said earlier, if you are applying for a duplicate certificate in your home branch then the process will be fast, other than that if you are in a different city, then your application may take time as the verification process need to involve your home branch as well where the actual investment has been done.

Tips To Remember While Investing in Any of the Post Office Small Deposit Schemes (NSC, KVP, Term Deposits, etc)

The very first tip would be to take a picture or make a xerox copy of the original certificate. These days the post office is going online and due to post office core banking system, things are much simpler. But still, you should always make multiple copies of your investment certificates to make sure that you find it easy in case you lost the documents, due to any reason in the future.

The 2nd tip would be, to keep them in a secure place like a separate file and also inform about the same at least to your spouse. You should also write down the unique identification numbers of every investment certificate which is also enough while issuing a duplicate certificate.

So, share your experience of issuing a duplicate copy of the original certificate of lost NSC or KVP or any of the post office term deposits by writing a comment below. Is your post office helped you to issue a duplicate certificate? If not what is the reason they provide for not to issue a duplicate certificate?