If you have a SBI Credit card and also you have installed SBI YONO Mobile app, then you can easily link your SBI Credit Card with your SBI YONO Mobile App and then track your Credit Card Payments and activities.

Tracking your credit card activities are very much important. And if you link both your SBI Savings account with SBI Credit card, then you can pay Credit Card bills on time without paying any penalty.

In this article, I will help you to Link SBI Credit Card To SBI YONO Mobile App. This is a very simple process and you can complete the same in next few minutes only.

Steps To Link SBI Credit Card To YONO App in 2021

First of all, if you have not installed SBI YONO Mobile App, then you can Download YONO App & install the same and complete the registration process with your SBI account and registered mobile number.

In case your mobile number is not linked with SBI, then you have to visit your nearest SBI branch and link your mobile number. This is a very crucial step as these days you need OTP for almost every type of transaction.

If everything is perfectly setup then you can proceed further and link your SBI Credit Card With Your SBI YONO Mobile App.

Step 1: First login to the SBI YONO app using your credentials and go to the credit card section.

Step 2: On that page you will find an option stating click on ‘Link SBI Credit Card’ Step. Click on that option.

Step 3: Enter all the required details including user name and password and now click on ‘Send OTP’. Be careful while adding Credit card details like Expiry date, CVV Number etc.

Step 4: Check your registered mobile number and then pick the OTP password and provide on your YONO app page.

Step 5: As soon as you have entered the OTP successfully, you will get a message saying: The SBI Credit Card has been successfully linked with SBI YONO app.

Key Things To Remember While Linking SBI Credit Card To YONO App

Make sure the same mobile number is linked with both your SBI YONO App as well as SBI Credit Card. And also update the same address in both case so that you don’t find any problem in future. Otherwise, any kind of notifications or documents may send in different address and you will find it difficult. In case of discrepancies, make sure fix them first before Linking your SBI Credit Card To SBI YONO App