How To Get Electronic Toll RFID Tags For Outer Ring Road Toll Gates in Hyderabad

By | November 30, 2017

Are you a regular traveller of hyderabad outer ring road or OOR? Are you looking to buy a hyderabad outer ring road toll pass to avoid daily payment of toll charges? Then there is a very good news for you. In fact it is good to buy a monthly toll pass to save money as well.

Outer Ring Road is a very important part of my life too and as I am depending up on it for daily commute to my office in financial district. And trust me there is no other alternative as it saves huge time. But definitely at the cost of some money. Although I could avail the service road as well, but again time factor & traffic plays a role depending up on at what time you travel.

Anyway, I was looking to buy a monthly pass for hyderabad outer ring road and enquired about the same. But after the launch of recent electronic toll system within Gachibowli-Shamshabad stretch, I think this is the best alternative of paying every toll charges.

What is Electronic Toll Payment System

Well, just think about the system where you are passing through the toll gates and you don’t have to wait in the queue of cars for paying the toll charges manually. Yes, this is what is going to happen from now onwards.

After the launch of this new electronic toll payment system, motorists have to buy RFID (radio frequency identification) tags which have to be attached to vehicle windscreens and the sensors at toll plazas detects them and automatically lifts the barrier for smooth passage of vehicle.

This facility will be applicable for this specific route only for testing purpose of 1 month, as per my knowledge. After that it will be extended as per the plan of The Hyderabad Metro-politan Development Authority (HMDA).

How to buy RFID (radio frequency identification) tags

So, if you are using this Gachibowli-Shamshabad stretch daily then this RFID tag is going to be very useful for you. Mostly for cab drivers, buses for Airports and obviously people travelling to Gachibowli, Financial District, Hi-tech city through OOR for daily office will be benefited with this new technology.

To buy this RFID device, you have to stop near a toll gate and ask the toll collector officer. You have to hand over the registration document of the vehicle, passport size photo, KYC document etc. As this is very new, I will be updating the article as more people are experiencing the system.

These tags are just like pre-paid SIM cards used in mobile phones and will work only when the motorist recharges them with a certain amount of money that will be deducted each time when the vehicle passes through the toll plaza.

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