How To Buy Ticket on IRCTC Using SBI Net Banking

By | December 17, 2016

Want to buy train ticket online? This is a very easy task and if you have SBI net banking access you can do it even very fast. Earlier SBI has a quick pay option through which one can book tatkal tickets online very fast.

But as Govt has make the OTP generation as mandatory for a certain amount, one have to apply OTP password while buying train ticket online through IRCTC website.

But still, if you have SBI OTP app then you can easily generate OTP offline and then buy your train ticket online. This will save your time and you can get a confirm Tatkal ticket which is quite difficult in case your online transaction takes time.

Let’s find out the steps to buy your train ticket from IRCTC website using your SBI net banking here. If you have any other bank account like HDFC, ICICI Bank , PNB then also you can easily buy tickets.

Steps To Buy Train Tickets Online in India Using Net Banking facility

Simply login to IRCTC website and start looking for available trains for your target destination. If you are booking Tatkal ticket, then you have to login as per the time line and get ready with a high speed internet connection.

Next, check out the availability of the seats and the decide whether you want to buy the tickets or not.

Next, put the name of the passengers one by one. In case you have more passengers and you are trying to book Tatkal ticket, there are various tricks to fill up train ticket form online quickly.

In the next step you have to choose the payment option. Now choose SBI net banking as the option. If you have SBI credit card or debit card, you can directly choose their payment gateways to make the payment fast. As I have mentioned before, you can generate OTP before starting this process and make this process fast.

SBI net banking charges for IRCTC train ticket booking

There is a service charge of Rs 10 per transaction. It may be changed when you are reading this article. So, its better to cross check with SBI and IRCTC terms & conditions before buying tickets to make sure about the charges.

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