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A Comprehensive Overview of Financial Planning

Financial planning is necessary to live a secure and comfortable life. It’s a process of evaluating your current financial state,determining your desired future financial position, and deploying the best methods to reach there. Having a proper financial plan would help you make sound financial decisions, and aid in meeting your goals and objectives quite easily. […]

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What Is Linked and Non-Linked Insurance Plan?

You might have heard about these 2 terms frequently if you are a fan of reading or reviewing insurance policies. Even if you don’t like to read insurance policies, I am sure you have read your policy documents carefully before purchase and there you might have heard about the terms linked and non linked insurance […]

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What Is Minimum Amount Due in Credit Card Bill

If you are paying your credit card bill for the first time then you might be happy to see the new term “Minimum Amount Due” which is very little compared to the actually due credit card bill. Many people actually don’t know the actual concept of Minimum Amount Due and felt happy to pay a less amount. What […]

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What Is Cancer Insurance – Pros & Cons

Cancer has become one of the most alarming disease of current time. I was reading some statistics and found that the number of cancer patients are increasing day by day in India. The data was something like around 17 lakh people were diagnosed by cancer last year and 12 lakh died out of them as per some […]

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LIC Bonus Rates for 2016-17

If you are a lic policy holder, then you would better know that every year lic is declaring the bonus rates for their entire policies. In case of LIC policies this bonus is playing a crucial part as the return on investment is mainly depending up on the bonus rate only. In this article I […]

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