Money360 – A Smartphone App For Money Management & Bill Payment

By | June 17, 2017

Money360, a FinTech startup from India wants to democratize money management, investment and financial planning with its app based solutions.

People find it very difficult and time consuming to track their income-expense and pay the bills on time. There is a personal finance app called Money360 which does this automatically. It aims to help people take complete control of their finances and save up to 10% on the monthly expenses.

Money360 creates bank and credit card transactions automatically from phone SMS (Currently for Indian users). It also creates automatic reminders of utility bill payments so that you never miss a payment date. Money360 provides all the payment options in single app.

money360 mobile app review

You can make cashless transactions and pay your bills or transfer money. It shows rich and insightful reports to give you trend analysis of your spending pattern. You can create budgets to track and control your expenses. It has automatic backup and restore options so that you never lose your valuable data.

It has a Dashboard view which gives overview of your current financial status at one place. You can also view your bank balance and credit card due amount. It shows reports in plain REPORT, BAR CHART or LINE CHART formats. You can see report data by Month, Quarter, Year or custom dates. Each report drills down further up to transaction level.You can create Monthly, Quarterly or Yearly budget for any given account (category).

Each budget shows real-time view of how much has been spent and how much is remaining. You get an alert notification when your expense exceeds the budgeted amount.You can set a reminder to add a transaction in future or set a recurring transaction. It will notify you before the reminder due date. It comes with 80+ default accounts (categories) and you can add your custom categories as well.

It has calendar view as well as search options to quickly locate any transaction. You can export your data to Excel. It takes automatic daily backup of data to your Google Drive. One impressive feature is the detailed and in-depth help it provides like app overview with screenshots, FAQ, screen tips and a dedicated support contact.

USP of Money360 lies in its powerful features, simplicity and regional language support. With the rising smartphone adoption in India coupled with huge local market and government push for cashless economy, Money360 seems to be at the right time and right place.

It is planning to add investment and financial planning platform to the app, targeting around 80 million smartphone users in India in the age group of 25 to 35. There are existing players in the same category like Money View and ET Money. Essentially they are providing a mutual fund investment mechanism in the app, but none of them is giving financial planning services.

This is where Money360 wants to make a mark as a simple and affordable solution. Money360 is available for Android and soon coming for iOS.

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