National Health Protection Scheme (NHPS): New Health Insurance from Govt. of India

By | February 5, 2018

National Health Protection Scheme (NHPS) is the latest scheme announced by the Modi Govt. This Govt. of India scheme declared during the Budget 2018, is going to be the world’s largest health protection scheme. It is also known as Ayushman Bharat scheme.

Within minutes of the announcement about this new health protection scheme, people on social media started comparing it to Obamacare of USA and in turn, termed it ‘Modicare’. This is a an improvement over the Rashtriya Swasthya Bima Yojana (RSBY) scheme where the cover was only Rs.30,000 for a five members family.

In this article I will be sharing the complete details about this health insurance scheme or what is National Health Protection Scheme, how to apply for NHPS and various things you should know about this health protection scheme. Although this is too early, but gradually I will be updating this article with more information.

What is National Health Protection Scheme?

Although the launch date of National Health Protection Scheme (NHPS) is yet to be decided, but even the declaration of such a huge flagship Health Protection scheme in budget 2018 has created a huge buzz.

This health protection scheme in India is set to launch on this independence day August 15 or October 2, 2018, although it’s not yet confirmed. But Govt is working on to make this scheme a reality very soon.

You can find this Govt. scheme in the name of “NaMoCare” or “ModiCare” in social media. In short, 10 crore poor and vulnerable families, or about 50 crore poor people of India is going to be benefited through this health protection.

To make this scheme reality, Govt has to spend Rs 10,000-Rs 12,000 crore so far and the coverage will be up to 5 lakh. A nominal premium amount of Rs 1000 – 12000 per year is going to be applied on individuals family as well to get this health protection.

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National Health Protection Scheme (NHPS): Key Things to Know

Let’s explore the basic information that you must know to understand this new health protection scheme for the poor. As I said earlier, it’s too early to comment much as there are limited information available about this scheme so far and that I am sharing here.

#1. Coverage

This a free health insurance scheme for Indians where the maximum coverage will be Rs 5 lakh. You will be able to use that amount for free treatment for hospitalization in India.

#2. Spread

Govt has a plan to cover almost 40% of the population which would be nearly 10 crore poor and vulnerable families, or about 50 crore poor people of India. This data may change with time.

#3. Premium

The minimum premium of health protection scheme is expected to just Rs 1000 per year. This figure may change when the plan will launch by the end of this year.

#4. Top Up

The National Health Protection Scheme will also offer special top-up benefit of Rs. 30,000 per senior citizen per year. This is an added advantage for the senior citizens of age 60 years and above of the economically weaker families.

Objectives of National Health Protection Scheme
  • The NHPS scheme is intended to provide financial support to family members of people who have lost their lives in an accident or natural disasters
  • This health scheme will protect the person from major health disease/ issues due to any accident
  • This scheme is proposed to benefit around 10 crore BPL families and other weaker group of Indian population
  • If NHPS gets grounded as promised, then it will be the world’s largest government-funded health care programme

So, these are the few information available so far in various online sources or even Govt of India sites about National Health Protection Scheme (NHPS). I will be updating this article with more information, so keep a track of this page.

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