How To Generate OTP Using State Bank Secure OTP App

By | December 15, 2016

Recently I was reading in one of the banking forums where many people were asking a common question related to OTP generation for SBI net banking. In this article, I will try to address all those questions and share how easily one can generate OTP online using the new State Bank Secure OTP App.

Although after demonetization move to make India cashless, Govt has relaxed the OTP norms recently and under which one need not provide OTP for a transaction of Rs 2000 or less. But for higher transaction value you still OTP to secure your online transactions secure.

Here are the common questions people ask in forums which will be answered in this article.

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What is State Bank Secure OTP App?

“State Bank Secure OTP App” is an OTP generation App for Internet Banking transactions (INB) done through Onlinesbi and State Bank Anywhere App which can be downloaded from Google Playstore.

URL is

sbi net banking otp generate online

Steps To Generate OTP Online Using State Bank Secure OTP App

The purpose of this app is very clear. In many times we have to wait for OTP SMS to come to our mobile phone so that we can complete the transaction. But sometimes due to load on OTP server, we get OTP after the allowable time and we need to re-trigger the transaction.

Here are the simple steps to generate your OTP using this State Bank Secure OTP App hassle free.

Simply download and install the app in your mobile phone.

Then register with your SBI online banking id & password and create your State Bank Secure OTP App mobile account.

Next you have to choose from any of the 2 options. “Online” option and “Offline” option.

If you choose online option, you need mobile internet connection to generate OTP. In case you opt for Offline option, then you can get OTP without mobile network also. In that case you have to provide the OTP while transacting through desktop.

You can easily follow the SBI Net-banking guide page and find many FAQs has been answered related to this mobile app. Share your experience or any feedback to use this mobile app by writing a simple comment below.

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