How To Use Paytm Without Smartphone And Internet

By | December 11, 2016

Want to know how to pay using paytm without internet or smartphone? Then you are at the right place as I am going to share the recent changes that Paytm has announced to include the people of rural areas who are not using smartphone and even there is no proper internet connection.

Well, many of us are well aware about the various cashless transactions using paytm wallet or other money wallet services. But there are millions of people in our country who are not using smartphone and even though they have phone they are not having internet connectivity in their phone. So, how to bring those crown under the cover of cashless Bharat agenda?

After demonetization it has become mandatory to opt for whatever the cashless option or digital payment methods one have rather than waiting for ATM queues and collect only few cash. In such a case, paytm has come up with a brilliant idea to give those segment of people a huge opportunity to become a part of this digital payment system and enjoy daily life transactions using paytm platform even without internet & smartphone.

Steps To Transact Using Paytm without Internet

The concept is very simple in fact. There is a toll free number where one can call and do transactions through IVR services. Something like phone banking or tele-banking system. Here is the step by step guide to Pay Through Paytm Without A Smartphone And Internet?

First of all you have to get registered with Paytm. To do this you have to visit to your nearest cyber cafe or use your friends mobile number through internet to get registered. I am not sure whether one can get registered with Paytm without internet, by calling any customer number.

Registered users can then call on the toll-free number – 1800 1800 1234 to receive a call back from the Paytm team asking the user to set up a 4 digit pin for their account.

Next time onward, whenever you need to do some transaction like payment you can call this Paytm toll free number and then choose options to send money to another mobile number registered with paytm wallet services. Use your digital paytm PIN to validate the transaction.

You have to make sure that your Paytm wallet is having enough balance to complete the transaction.

Although the idea is having huge potential to bring a huge category of people under this umbrella, but only time will tell how much difficulties or flexibility people will face while Paytm through this way.

But there is no doubt that this idea will simply increase the reach of Paytm and the Govt of India’s mission of making India cashless a huge boost.

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