7 Different Ways To Have A Secure Credit Card Transaction (Tips & Tricks)

By | May 21, 2018

Be it an e-commerce website or a shopping mart, we have been so much driven to use our credit cards that we don’t even think once before using it. We don’t even consider the fact that the privacy of our card could also be at stake.

As a business owner myself, I have to deal with a lot of transaction each day and tracking each of them at that instant becomes quite difficult. So you finally found out the best credit card for your needs, but you have to be careful as well.

More challenging is tackling the thought of exposing my card details to someone who could exploit it. So if by reading this you see yourself fitting in my shoe then lend your eyes to this article and save your credit card’s details to fall into wrong hands.

Here are 7 different ways by to secure your credit card transactions:

Online payments

Do you have this habit of clicking on “Remember me” whenever you log into some application or website? Don’t make that a habit for online transactions or else your card details can be compromised.

So keep in mind to log out of the bank’s online transaction portal, credit card sites, and other merchant sites after you have completed the transaction.

It is true that you will have to spare a few seconds but trust me, it is worth it.

Moreover, whenever you are setting up an account in any website, you would be asked for a security question, input something which is not related to your personal information and you can put in some false information as well.


It is almost interconnected with the point I just finished. A password should always be strong and something which is hard to guess. The better stronger your password the better your security.

The password should not just have a high strength but also should be identical. You should not keep the same password for two accounts.

This will be an invite for the hackers. Then you should also keep in mind that you should never share any password with anyone. No bank company asks for these details. So be aware.

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Do take help whenever needed

When it comes to managing all your cards, never rely on just yourself as it is not healthy to do so.

Securing your card details, protecting you from fraud and keeping a track on your transactions, all of this is not a one-man show. You should have all the help you can get.

Chip over the barcode reader

Mostly there is only two type of cards that are available in the market. Either it is an EMV chip embedded credit card or a swipe barcode reader credit card.

The card with a chip has a microchip tech already fitted inside the card that adds on to the security of the credit card. The microchip credit cards have a better security technology that the other magnetic strip card credit cards.

This chip embedded in the card holds a cryptographic processing which helps your data and credit cards details to be safe from hackers and other cybercrimes.

Yeah, you must be thinking of either changing your card to the chipset or if you already have it you must be thanking the company who issued it to you.

Security check on the portal

You must have thought of it someday that why is a lock symbol made in front of a transaction portal’s URL. Haven’t you? If you see this, you must know that it is for your security.

The other website has a check on your transaction and they have made your transaction safe.

The lock symbol and https in the URL of your transaction portal mean that you are being kept secured during your transaction and all your data will be confidential.

The “s” means security in the link. If you know this it is well and good that you are aware of it, but if this information is pretty new for you then keep it in mind to double check these two things before entering your card details in any merchant website or online transaction portal.

The other benefits of this are it will give you a brand awareness and increase the credibility of the customer.


The tokenization is a technology that helps keep your card details safe and make it easier for you to proceed with the payment options.

Tokenization provides you with a free minded payment process where you will no longer feel vulnerable.

It also eliminates all the threats that could be in your head of losing your card information to someone strange. This process makes the payment a customer authentication process where your transaction is not affected.

During your payment process, this token replaces all the sensitive data like your credit card number with a random string of characters.

So, at this time even if someone gets through in cracking the security of the portal (which happens very rarely), he would only be wasting time.

This is because all your data would already be replaced with some other random character. Sounds safe, isn’t it? Yeah, it is just add on to your credit card transactions.

Always be alert

Yeah, I know it is really hard sometimes to keep a regular check on the card transactions and all that is involved in this like having a look at the card statement. But you should do that and do it often.

Doing so will help you keep a check on where your money is flowing. If there is a bug you can catch it on the spot. All this is only possible when you will be alert.

So keep check your recent transactions, call the card issuing company and ask for the credit card’s statement.

So, if at all there is an amount which is allowed from your card and you have no idea as to for what it was, you can at that very moment question the bank about it.

The card issuing company will give you all the answers and then you could possibly get relaxed after you get an idea where did the money go.

I hope you like this article and if you still have any questions, feel free to comment below and I will be happy to help.

Note: This is a guest article from Ankur Agarwal, the owner of website https://ankuraggarwal.in.

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