5 Ways To Earn Health Insurance Rewards Points

By | May 20, 2018

Want to earn health points to stay healthy from your insurance provider? Yes, this is possible now as health insurance companies have come up with such products which will reward yours for keeping a healthy lifestyle.

Health insurance is the need of the hour. With the spiraling cost of treatment, making out-of-pocket expenses may result in a huge financial strain. A health insurance policy offers coverage against exorbitant hospital bills.

It covers numerous expenses such as the cost of medicines, room charges, nursing fees, cost of surgery, and doctor’s consultation fees, among others.

You, therefore, need not worry about making financial arrangement to tackle medical contingencies. Rather, you may focus solely on speedy recovery.

There are numerous insurance providers, who promote good health, and hence offer rewards for staying healthy. Staying healthy is good news for insurance providers, as the number of claims reduces.

This, in turn, reduces their liability. Therefore, they offer various schemes and even discounts to those who make a constant effort to maintain a healthy lifestyle.

Following are five ways you may earn health insurance rewards, thereby enabling you to march towards the path of a healthy life.

Benefits of discount on premium

The Insurance Regulatory and Development Authority of India (IRDA), the statutory agency governing insurance industry in India, allows insurance providers to offer discounts if they are mentioned in the policy documents.

Hence, many insurers provide discounts, thus reducing the premium cost payable by the policyholder. These health insurance rewards, in the form of discounts can go up to 30 percent, thus helping you save a significant amount of money.

Questionnaire to assess your fitness levels

There are some insurance providers, who ask their customers to take numerous questions to identify how active the person is. You may then enjoy rewards for staying healthy and active.

The questionnaire contains questions about your height, weight, type of job, blood pressure levels, your exercise routines, cholesterol level, blood sugar level, family history of ailments, and work-life balance, among many others.

Returns for maintaining good health

Certain health insurance providers offer health returns to those who achieve a better ‘healthy heart score.’ Individuals with a good score are rewarded well.

Insurers also promote healthy lifestyle choices such as breathing clean air, watching your weight, having a well-balanced diet, and living a stress-free life, among others.

Access to health records

The process of taking your health reports at the time of hospitalization may be a cumbersome task. To overcome this, some insurers offer access to health records online at your quick disposal.

This feature saves the results of your diagnostic tests and allows you to access it anywhere, anytime. This is indeed one of the best health insurance rewards provided by insurers.

Rewards for being on the move

Many insurance providers are focused on providing health insurance rewards and wellness benefits for those who are constantly on the move. Therefore, you may avail of rewards for running, walking, cycling, dancing or skipping, among others.

Besides, you may go to the gym, log on to any event, track calories, sleep patterns, and the number of steps taken, among others. By doing so, you may enjoy cashback and great discounts; also do not forget other benefits such as feeling more alive, living longer, and safeguarding yourself against numerous lifestyle diseases.

Various insurance providers have their own set of rewards for staying healthy. You may, therefore, avail of such benefits, and secure your overall health and well-being.

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