Did you lose your original copy of the bank fixed deposit scheme? Are you FD certificate stolen or destroyed or lost? Then how to get the money back to your account when your FD gets matured?

This is a very common issue as due to many reasons we lost FD certificates. But in the age of digital banking, this is not at all an issue. In this article, I will tell you about the process of getting a duplicate copy of FD certificate and how easily you can get your maturity value of FD in your bank account without any hassle.

This is a very common process that is applicable to almost every bank in India like SBI, ICICI Bank, HDFC Bank, etc.

How To Get Duplicate Fixed Deposit (FD) Certificate Copy & Claim Money

In case of FD receipt is lost, stolen, destroyed, mutilated or defaced you have to follow the simple process below to get your money.

Step #1: Simply visit the bank branch and share your problem of the FD certificate lost. It is very easy to identify or prove your point that you have an FD scheme with the bank.

You can show your bank transactions, or bank people can easily find out the FD schemes linked with your customer id via your PAN number.

Step #2: As soon as this is proved, the bank will ask you to write a letter for a lost fixed deposit certificate. This is nothing but a simple application for a duplicate receipt.

Here is a sample indemnity bond format for the lost fixed deposit of HDFC bank. Click here.

Request for Duplicate Fixed Deposit Receipt from ICICI Bank –  Click Here

Now in consideration of HDFC Bank issuing / having agreed to issue a duplicate Term Deposit Receipt as aforesaid, I / We, the undersigned shall indemnify HDFC Bank at all times and keep HDFC Bank indemnified and save harmless against any and all claims damages, losses, costs, liabilities, expenses and all other sums of money, which HDFC Bank may be required to pay, suffer or incur and also against all demands, actions, suits, proceedings that may be made, filed, taken or instituted against HDFC Bank by reason of presentation, production or payment of said original. Term Deposit Receipt and / or issue of duplicate Term Deposit Receipt at my / our request.

Step #3: On the evaluation of your application for redemption of the FD scheme, the bank will surely provide your FD maturity value directly to your bank account.

In the age of internet banking, it is always better to go with e-FD schemes where you can create your own fixed deposit schemes online and then get the certificates & statements in your email id. You can also download such documents anytime simply login to your net banking account.

Have you ever lost your bank FD receipt? How did you handle that situation? Would you like to write a simple comment below and share your thoughts & experiences here? It will definitely help our readers to understand the process to get their money from a mature fixed deposit scheme with no documents.